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The Aireginan Dream (review by Kunle Ajibade)

Here’s an extract of a review of THE AIREGINAN DREAM by Kunle Ajibade that I pulled out of the archives, but which is very relevant for the moment.           When seers, saints, priests, visionaries and writers set apart a date in their … Continue reading

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The Aireginan Dream (Brief Review)

I’m reproducing a review of the Aireginan Dream I received in my mailbox. Thanks Lanre for taking the time to write this…. A friend gave me an xmas gift. I have not read a book that is not Management or IT … Continue reading

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Lara George and Ijoba Orun

Music they say is the language of the soul. My soul stirs deeply and tears threaten to fall each time I quietly listen to the power of Lara George’s solo – Ijoba Orun. This is truly Nigerian, truly Christian and … Continue reading

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A Dangerous glance (Short Story) 11

Dele’s phone rang as he sat at dinner with his family that evening. He picked it up and the code name  for her – EBONY, appeared. The sight of those five letters made his heart quicken and his hands tremble. … Continue reading

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Nigerian Fiction Writers

Couple of times I’ve come across Nigerian Fiction lovers who wonder why Nigerians haven’t caught unto writing fiction the way we’ve planted our footsteps in the sands of film, home video, music, comedy, tv. Being a Nigerian Fiction writer myself, … Continue reading

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A Dangerous Glance (Short Story) Part 1

Dele saw her smile at him across the room. He should have looked away but he didn’t. In a split second, he took in her homely beauty, her beautiful figure and the braids she wore ever so elegantly. He didn’t … Continue reading

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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

I enjoy watching this program; most especially when I answer a long string of questions and imagine what it would be like if I was the one on the hot seat on the way to winning a million naira or … Continue reading

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Knowing Where to Tap

All day I’ve had my eyes and fingers glued to my computer trying to resolve some issue on my website. Hours and hours I put in, with my characteristic  I think I ‘can do’ attitude, but i just couldn’t sort … Continue reading

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Inspiration EveryDay

That’s the title of this New Blog – INSPIRATION EVERYDAY A cursory look at labels on my website, blogs, facebook page will reveal that I love the word – Inspiration. A little deep thought and it’s clear that we’re inspired every … Continue reading

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Welcome to my new blog.

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