The Aireginan Dream (Brief Review)

I’m reproducing a review of the Aireginan Dream I received in my mailbox. Thanks Lanre for taking the time to write this….

A friend gave me an xmas gift. I have not read a book that is not Management or IT related in the last 12years. I opened the parcel it was “The Aireginan Dream”. I reckon there was something he wanted me to read as he was a prayer partner and friend and knew my major prayer point… Alas it has nothing to do with my prayer point. I realized this from the summary at the back, I was curious, so I continued reading and for 8hrs I read, leaving the book only to get drinks and biscuit and by this morning, I had finished it.

It’s my first fiction since secondary school when I was a fan of Hardly Chase and Robert Hoodlum. I now recall how I used to love reading……Thanks for making this happen and for a really wonderful story. My person relates so much with Dare, I have worked as Project Director in a PTO and a GSM company and not once in my career have a received a bribe and yes, I was offered often. I think “The Aireginan Dream” should be a secondary school text. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts in the wonderful book and may God continue to give you the grace to write more books and may he protect your family and raise men who will help save our country.

If you have read THE AIREGINAN DREAM and it has inspired you, why not a moment to share those inspirations here too.


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