A Dangerous Glance (Short Story) Part 1

Dele saw her smile at him across the room. He should have looked away but he didn’t. In a split second, he took in her homely beauty, her beautiful figure and the braids she wore ever so elegantly.

He didn’t know her name but became pleasurably aware of her. However he wasn’t going to do anything about it because he was happily married, content and loved his wife dearly. He had been married for ten years and had never once slept with another woman.

He left the restaurant and went back to work. As he lay beside his wife later that night, thoughts of her attacked and penetrated his peace. That smile, those braids, the pretty face, the slim figure! He indulged himself and let the thoughts roll. He slept off with a happy smile on his face.

Two weeks later, he sat at an empty table at the same restaurant enjoying rice and plantain. A shadow fell across his meal. “Do you mind if I join you?” she asked in a most sonorous voice. He couldn’t say no. He reveled in their short chat and wished he could prolong the lunch hour.

A month later, they had dinner together. If she had been a hunter, clingy, or demanding in any way, he would have found it easy to resist the attraction. But she was nice, selfless, submissive and pleasant and he often wondered if she was innocent.

During the next 3 months he spent all of his free time with her. It was just like a dream. He loved his wife but he enjoyed her company. An expensive indulgence; but he allowed himself to enjoy it.

Then one day she confronted him. He had gotten her pregnant. It was a mistake. She wanted an abortion. Could he please give her some money so she could do it at a professional hospital? He remembered he had always preached that – abortion is a sin against God. What was he going to do?

At that moment, his thoughts were with his wife. He loved her deeply and didn’t want anything to come between them, ever! How would she feel? She must never get to know.

 The sensual memories of the past 3 months instantly faded. He held his head in his hands. He remembered his mother’s favorite admonition- “Don’t smell what you know you don’t want to eat.”

How he wished that three months ago, he had looked away.      (c) 2007


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5 Responses to A Dangerous Glance (Short Story) Part 1

  1. Yemisi subair says:

    Very interesting story where can I get the full length of it ?

  2. Blissfullynaughty says:

    I remember reading this story some years back when you first posted it on Nairaland.

  3. dupeolorunjo says:

    You have an excellent memory. That was such a long time ago. The idea then was to see how to build a story online. I’ve picked it up again and hopefully should be able to work at it properly this time.

  4. chizzy says:

    woaaa! love your creativity.many of us are guilty of “smelling what we don’t intend to eat”. we look at things from the face value and forget the real value and cost of our actions………indeed the flesh is weak and tend to fail us………..but the grace will always be there……..

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