Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

I enjoy watching this program; most especially when I answer a long string of questions and imagine what it would be like if I was the one on the hot seat on the way to winning a million naira or better still dollars.

The last two episodes however got me rolling off my seat and unto the bare floor in laughter. I’ll tell you why….

1) A robust lady in the hot seat had luck on her side as she got 5 questions right. She was on the 6th and obviously had no idea of what the answer was. A wrong answer would mean her loosing 80% of her earnings so far. Confusion shrouded her facial features.

Frank Edohor the host looked quite sympathetic as he asked her a question, “What do you think your husband is saying now as he watches you from home now?”

She smiled knowingly. “He’s pointing a finger at me and saying, ‘greedy woman, take what you have and leave.'”

Frank nodded. The woman choose an answer from the screen.

Frank cocked his head to one side, “Is that your final answer?”


“Are you really sure?”

“Yes.” She said with a confident grin.

The answer was wrong. Within that same second, the woman’s eyes became watery as she looked close to tears. I’ve never seen Frank escort someone off the screen so fast. As I doubled up in laughter; I wondered why she didn’t listen to her hubby’s booming voice.

2) Yesterday, this man,  a long time fan of WWTBAM, was also doing so well. Frank paused in between to ask him the greatest lesson he had learnt on the program. His response was spontaneous – “Knowing when to walk away.” Frank nodded.

The answer to the next question was to earn him a quarter of a million. … but he  obviously didn’t know it even after he used up all his life lines.

He decided to guess. Frank reminded him of that most important lesson. But the contestant insisted on locking it in and he too lost eighty percent of what he had in hand.

This morning I got thinking. The Bible says – “You shall know the truth and it will set you free.” Sometimes it’s not enough to know the truth. We also need to act on the truth we know before we can be truly free. The gentleman and the lady knew what they had to do (the truth) but they didn’t.

In a race to be what we want to be, we do need to make a conscious effort to act on what we know.


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