Inspiration EveryDay

That’s the title of this New Blog – INSPIRATION EVERYDAY

A cursory look at labels on my website, blogs, facebook page will reveal that I love the word – Inspiration.

A little deep thought and it’s clear that we’re inspired every day by a number of things we come across; the things we see, books we read, music, movies, testimonies of achievers, news items,  and the burnt fingers of mischievous people. And if we just take a minute to pay attention many of these stories (fiction or real life) have the potential to propel us in the right direction to….

  • Re-asess our potentials and take steps outside our comfort zones
  • Understand that we do have a choice not to join the bandwagon of the majority (contrary to what many think, the majority is not always right.)
  • Do the seeming impossible
  • Take a look at what others have done and see if it resonates to activate your gifts and calling

Right away, I’ll give a clear example of doing the seeming impossible…

I built a website.

With no experience, no training, I decided I needed to replace my old website and I decided I would build it myself. I researched , sighed, ploughed through many sleepless nights and even though it took me two whole months; Here I am…

A brand new website and a brand new blog.

It’s not perfect yet but I’ll tweak it as I go along and hopefully very soon it will be. That’s one true life testimony of being inspired to do the impossible.

So I will be dedicating this blog to the things that have the potential to inspire everyday. Day by Day or week by week, I hope to write about something that will make someone say, I love that story and it’s touched me to make a move


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